Dropping Jaws & Oohs and Ahhs

To say that the Torres del Paine national park is beautiful is clear under-sell. It blew my mind.

While you can do multi day hikes in the park, Rachel and I were a little tight on time so went opted for a day tour instead.

We stopped first at the Milidon Cave, which is named after a vegetarian bear-like animal from the times of sabre-toothed tigers. Apparently this cave was once home to many indigenous people and milidon bones were discovered here back in the day. Here I am hugging a sculpture of one such creature.


The rest of the day was spent gallivanting among incredible mountains and waterfalls. No amount of explaining could help you understand how breathtaking this place was. It was also incredibly windy (we saw a sign saying gusts up to 100km/hour) so it was good fun trying not to get blown over!!

I will let the photos speak for themselves in this post I think.








And there you have it! If I ever come back to this part of the world I will for sure do the multi day hike. But alas – time is of the essence and I had to make it to Punta Arenas!!

Til next time!

PS. I’m not sure if the rapid fire entry thing us annoying. But I’ve had lots of time on planes and buses so I’m cranking out updates. Better than nothing?!


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