Crossing the Border…. Hello Peru!

This post is long overdue on account ofnthe fact thtat I have written it and attempted uploading it twice only to have it fail and then get lost in cyberspace! Frustrating, but what can I do when I stay in hostels with shoddy internet!

At any rate, I have been in Peru now a couple of weeks. I left the beautiful Izhcayluma hostel and took a nightbus with two other backpackers from the hostel, Shera and Libby. Shera is super cool and has spent the better part of the last year travelling, including doing the camino de santiago  (a 500 mile walk across france and spain!).  Libby was a quirky older woman who claimed to be “in between lives”… Back in the hostel dorm earlier in the week I had the “pleasure” of overhearing a LONG conversation she had with another older woman about her life story which seemed to have more twists and turns than a VC Andrews novel… I had planned on reading my book at the time, but Libbys story was more interesting! Honestly I was amazed that she hadnt been kidnapped or robbed. I saw her walk up to just about anyone to ask for anything, with blind (naive) trust. Shera and I had to help her out on numerous occasion so she didn’t get ripped off or put herself in risky situations.

Anyway, we all boarded a bus from Vilcabamba at 8:30pm and made our way to Loja order to catch our next bus across the border. It was full to the brim and some punk teenager stole my window seat again!! Finally as I was about to snooze , the bus arrived at the border around 4am.

Everyone piled out and attempted to make a line at the one window that was open. One thing I have learned is that lines dont have rules here like back home. I can’t even count the number of times people gather in blobs or shamelessly cut in front of you. Thankfully we were able to eventually get our exit stamp from Ecuador snd then make the unexciting 5 minute walk across a bridge into Peru. In effort to make it seem more exciting than it actually was I got this photo:



r getting in yet another “line” (with elbows up! No budding in line this time!), I got my entrance stamp to Peru and was back on the bus heading another 7 hours or so until we finally reached the famous beach destination of Mancora.

I hate to say it, especially after so many good reviews I heard, but I was really underwhelmed by this touristy little town. There were more tuk-tuks than people and The beach wasn’t nearly as nice as the one in Montañita.  felt like the only food you could get was pizza or ceviche (a raw fish dish that peru is famous for). My hostel had some cool aspects Like how it was right on the beach and the cabins were neat.


But as with the trend, the hostel was far from full and a little boring. Also the owners/volunteers hogged the hammocks most of the day! grrr!

Thankfully Shera was still kicking around and we spent our time wandering around or watching the tide come in and swapping stories about our advetures so far, or wondering Libby was still okay (she took a bus out of Mancora as soon as she could).

The best part of Mancora was the sunsets. They were gorgeous.


Eventually i was able to get on another nightbus. This time on a fancy busline that even served food! And so i headed back into the mountains to try out the highest aaltitude i had experienced yet!


One response to “Crossing the Border…. Hello Peru!

  1. So glad you put up a blog post on Peru. I’ve been waiting to hear about it! 😉 . I have the same issue with people cutting lines all the time. So frustrating. The worst is when you really have to pee at a bus station (and you are limited on time) and it is finally your turn and the old women think they can just cut in front of you. In the states, that shit don’t happen, lol. I’ve learned to say why elbowing at the same time, “Estoy la primera en línea” = I am the first in line. Wait your turn. Haha.

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