Paradise at Izcayluma Resort in Vilcabamba

After reading some reviews and checking out their wrbsite, I had high hopes for my hostel at Izhcayluma. I was not disappointed.

Even the shuttle service was amazing because it was not much more expensive than the bus, at least 2 hours shorter to get there and I met two new friends on the ride – Angela and Enoch. They are from the US but have left it all behind to slowly check out Ecuador to see if/where they would like to settle here.

Upon arrival, it was so clear that Izhcayluma (pronounced ish-ca-luma) had their crap together. I was given a booklet full of information about their services (free yoga, hiking trails, delicious restaurant, bar, pool, spa services,..etc) and then shown to my super nice dorm room that I got for a whopping $8.50. The shower had hot water (a rarity it Ecuador, I have learned) and the views were amazing.


The view from the restaurant! The town of Vilcabamba is below.

I spent the next 3 nights here just soaking up the relaxing vibes hanging out with Enoch and Angela. We also met a younger couple from Fairfax, California – and it turns out the guy knows my friend Perry’s sister! Small world!!!! The five of us went one day for and epic hike. I will let the pictures speak for themselves though it could never compare. It was my first time truly summiting a mountain and walking a ridgeline!


We went up for a pretty long time - no easy feet while at high altitude! I chalked it up to Inca Trail training!


Heading to the top!


Even closer... this ridgeline freaked me out because it was also so windy!!


I made it!!!


Out on the ridge line...


My new friends, Enoch, Angela, Ben and Sophia

What I dont have a picture of is the terrifying descent down crazy stoney switchbacks. I went down on my butt a good chunk of the time. Then we walked down thus dry river bed for what seemed like forever! The walk back to the hostel was tough if only because I knew we were close and my legs felt like jello after 6 hours of up and down!

The rest of the day was spent watching this dog chase after his stick (and a tomato that Angela found). The dog would even jump full tilt into the pool after it! We weren’t sure if this was allowed but it was entertaining enough that we didn’t stop…


One of the other perks here was the yoga! I went for free one morning and then paid 4 bucks for “air yoga”. I was expecting it to be really gymnastics-y and easy but I was SO wrong. It was freaking hard and it kinda hurt sometimes when the material would dig in. However, it was pretty hilarious as we all stumbled through the poses.


We are hanging upsidedown! I liked this move! Also - my hair...hahaha.


This one hurt real bad!,,,

We did get a little pose-y….




The view was killer! Also I didnt know I could still hol up my leg like this....

I decided to treat myself one more time before leaving… I got a massage, facial and reiki treatment done that lasted 2 hours almost! It was marvelous and relaxing (mostly…she really dug into my neck…). I couldnt believe I only paid 28 dollars for it all. I love Izhcayluma!

Leaving was really hard. Not just because it was a great visit but I had to leave behind my new friends. I have met many interesting people so far on this trip, but it is more rare to find people you really click with. Its especially hard when I move every 2 or 3 days.  There are a lot of perks to traveling solo but I do miss having someone to share experience with, so it just makes it more special when I do!

On that note … photo creds for the yoga pics go to Angela and Enoch! You can follow their blog at

Onward across the border to the beach town of Mancora, Peru from here… stay tuned!


6 responses to “Paradise at Izcayluma Resort in Vilcabamba

  1. Loved this post! Yesterday I was sitting in my room here in Cuenca and was thinking about how I need a gf, lol. It made me think of you and how easily we clicked and how I wish we lived closer. I know we will always keep in touch and hopefully our paths will cross in the future! Xx

  2. Looks lovely! I have also tried the air yoga (clearly not there though) and the fabric does hurt!
    Keep adventuring on Budda!!!

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