Getting ready!

Holy moly! In less than a week I will be in Ecuador!

I’d like to say I’ve spent a lot of time preparing for this trip, but at the end of the day, I’ve only read the safety section and first third of the Ecuador guidebook I borrowed from the library about 4 times over. The plan is figure it out once I arrive…  for the most part anyway. You can check out my very loose trip plan here.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to research, it’s just that every time I start googling, I end up at! For some reason, I’ve spent an excessive amount of time pouring over the packing lists of total strangers – because apparently anyone who has ever backpacked loves to report on what they brought with them (and brag about how great their backpack is).  I’m cool with that because it turns out that I find it really interesting to read about what people choose to bring on a journey.  The potential here for deep personality analysis is high if you are into that kind of thing.

It all got me thinking about what I’ll bring and how I can maximize space in my pack. When I did South East Asia I lugged around a massive 70L pack. It was massive, but I filled every nook and cranny of that bag – just because I could!  This time, I’m rescuing a bag my parents bought ages ago and has been left to die in our shed.  It’s only 40L but feels great. I used it for a week long adventure to Newfoundland in the spring and it did just fine.

So without further ado, I will add my packing list to the internet abyss:

Packing List Image - new

To preface, I’ll be seeing all types of weather on my trip. The climate will be as diverse as the landscape – from warm coastal regions to cold mountainous highlands to hot humid rainforest.

Here is a lovely picture of my clothes and everything laid out…

My worldly posessions


– 3 tank tops (one is quick dry)

– 2 t-shirts

– 2 long sleeves (one flannel, one cozy light sweater)

– 2 cardigans (i love them both and couldn’t pick)

– 1 zip-up hoodie (not shown)

– 3 bottoms (1 leggings, 1 quick dry capri, 1 yoga pants)

– 1 skirt

– 1 bathing suit (tankini style)

– 7 underwear

– 4 socks (2 hiking, 1 cotton, 1 wool)

– 3 bras (1 normal, 2 sports)

– 1 long underwear

– 1 mid-layer jacket (Arcteryx Atom LT Hoody – compliments of my stint with ALIVE!)

– 1 rain jacket


Shoes (different than pictured)

– 1 pair trail shoes (for hikes and longer days on my feet)

– 1 pair Teva sandals

– I’ll buy flip flops when I am down there and then leave them at the end of the trip


Toiletries (in the ziplock & red pouch)

– travel size tooth brush/paste

– lush shampoo bar

– deodorant

– mini-first aid kit

– tweezers

– razor (and refill pack)

– mascara

– small tube of face cream/sunscreen

– lip balm

– face wipes

– ear plugs

– bug spray

– medication (from aspirin to altitude sickness


Technology (not pictured – they are in my day pack)

– Digital Camera – Canon Powershot SX700 HS (my DSLR would be too big/bulky!)

– Extra camera memory card

– Ipod Touch

– E-reader or maaaaaybe a tablet. To be decided….


Accessories & Random Stuff

– scarf (which will also work as a towel if needed)

– sunglasses

– combination lock

– journal/notebook

– pens & markers (can’t leave home without my markers!!)

– hat

– toque

– head lamp


I might be missing a couple things – but that is basically it! Phew!

It all fits easy peasy! With lots of room for souvenirs 🙂





2 responses to “Getting ready!

  1. my packing list for the inca trail was so super ridiculous! i totally get the obsession. i must have googled a million packing lists in preparation.

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